This is a basic example of how to make a pinball game in Construct 2, made by me as part of my 'Bite Sized Game Development' series.

Features include :

- Mobile and Desktop controls
- Sound effects
- Skill Shot
- Multiplier
- Extra Ball
- Multiball

Desktop controls : Arrow keys. Down to shoot ball, left and right for left/right flippers.

Mobile controls : Touch and hold to shoot ball, tap the left or right side of the screen for flippers.

Graphics assets can be found as part of the pinball sprite pack by DravenX.

Sound assets are all part of the free Sound FX pack by GameBurp.

If you like this prototype please consider leaving a donation, or if you are a Construct 2 developer yourself, you can buy the fully commented Construct 2 source files from the Scirra store here :

Any bugs or feedback, please leave a comment or drop me a message, thanks!


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